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Using advanced data-driven strategies we help you receive dependable passive income investing in tax-advantaged commercial real estate.

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1000+ Investors have invested in Grocapitus projects, with $325 million+ equity invested


Experienced team managing 31 projects in 17 metros


Over 4,800 units across 10 states

$700 Million

700 Million value of projects
(as completed value)

Our Mission

Grocapitus Investments exists to find and present rock solid commercial real estate investments to our highly valued capital partners. In addition to producing attractive risk-adjustments returns for our investors, we strive to enhance the life of every tenant, team members and individual that comes into contact with our business.

What We Do

We help people become financially free by investing in apartment buildings, student housing and self-storage properties in high-quality markets nationwide. To accomplish this on a consistent basis, our rock star team executes our proprietary data-driven process for identifying, acquiring, managing, stabilizing, optimizing and divesting cash-flowing value-add Class B and C properties.

We also build best in class new construction multiplexes and student housing.

“For all those interested, I can shed some light on the subject. I invested in one of the the projects 2 years ago and expecting an exit next year. The totals shown are the average for all the projects and exists (completion and safe), so far. Neal knows his stuff and they don’t move on risky projects. I would definitely invest with them again. If considering another investment, ask about their experience and established track record.”

— Jaz W.

“I invested in Park Canyon with Grocapitus some years. Neal, Anna and team are both excellent at what they do and return better than predicted returns. For this particular project I received a 2.4 gross equity multiple return in less than 3 years. This way exceeded expectations.

What impresses me about Grocapitus is their quality research on every aspect of the market, their excellent communications and updates to investors, and their ability to add value to every property they touch.

I also appreciate their personal care about their investors and that they are accessible to discuss investments and concerns in a prompt manner. I highly recommend them for real estate investment.”

— Mark C.

“I’ve been extremely happy about the Park Canyon project. Neal, Anna and the Grocapitus team were truly professional and diligent during the entire time. They stayed on top of everything, never missed one single monthly / quarterly update (which is really amazing!). They went extra miles to ensure that the investors get the best possible return. For example, before selling the project, they even redesigned the Offering Memorandum pages by the broker to make it look more attractive to potential buyers.

The team also has the rare ability to identify unique, unusual opportunities for further improvements. Park Canyon by itself was already a great value-add project, but they were able to see the unique opportunity to rebuild the Phoenix building (on the site of a previously burnt down building) and the tremendous value it could bring. This move allowed the project to deliver an outsized return that greatly exceeded my expectations for a value-add.

I consider myself very lucky to be in this project. Big thank you to Neal, Anna and the Grocapitus team!”

— Chong Z.

“I invested in Grocapitus’ project because I liked their data driven approach to analysis and conservative underwriting. So far results have been delightful as the project has outperformed the projections and continues to perform well even during the coronavirus crisis. I also appreciate the fact that Grocapitus is easily available and they make it a point to communicate personally to address any questions I might have.”

— Anshu S.

“As an investor in Park Canyon I am so impressed with the management team. One of the things that I really like are the quarterly updates of the project. They keep you informed of what is going on with the project and point out both the good and the bad. You are never kept in the dark about your investment. This is a fantastic project and I am so happy that I am an investor!

— Katrina J.

I’ve invested in 6 of Neal’s projects. As I write this, we just had the first successful exit: the Windward Forest Multifamily project, where we earned >20% IRR.

Neal is extremely agile. Until COVID hit us, his projects were mostly multifamily deals (each with some value-add strategy that should increase the NOI). Since then, he realized that there may be higher risk in such deals due to tenants’ unemployment, inability to pay rent, and eviction restrictions. So his last few projects are construction projects that will hopefully get completed after the pandemic is over.

Still, I am very impressed by the multifamily projects performance: the occupancy levels have not gone down, and rent collection is very high, given the circumstances. I personally like the multifamily projects more, as they offer dividends from the rent income, and it’s easier to predict their performance. Anyways, I trust Neal’s numbers, so I have invested in his recent construction projects, too. Keep them coming, Neal!”

— Ivan Z.

“Neal and his team are awesome! I’ve invested in 8 projects with him and after 3 years we’ve already sold three. He’s outperformed other syndicates that I’ve invested with for much longer. I love getting his monthly updates. It’s rare to have a syndicator update us so regularly.

Grocapitus is a breath of fresh air. They do things differently and way better than their competitors. Thank you Neal for being an amazing leader to your team! I couldn’t be happier with the results so far. Looking forward to investing more in the future.”

— Sarah L.

“I had met Neal at a real estate investor meetup a few years back. Neal was very positive about investing in multifamily. He does a lot of research using data analytics on markets, identifying growth areas, finding good neighborhoods and shares the data and his findings with interested people and clients. His presentations are filled with a lot of info about the market, the property, the financials the expected returns, and his team patiently answers questions.

One of our investments with Neal had an exit with better than projected returns (during uncertain times with the pandemic)!!

— Vengal D.

“Challenging times take a dedicated group to plan and execute to meet investment objectives. The site and asset management teams at Grocapitus have worked hard to maintain occupancy, keep tenants safe, and delinquency low. Collectively, they have effectively managed expenses and incrementally increased rents to exceed NOI budget expectations.

— Rob D.

“I have invested in a couple of opportunities with Grocapitus. One of them is a multifamily property, which has been performing superbly, and way better than the initial predictions. The second one is a new construction project, which is on-time, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. And the marketing material that the team has put together to lease these new units is top-notch. Awesome job by Neal and his team in managing the properties and consistent communication with their investors.

As a Limited Partner to invest in a syndication, for me, trust is a big factor. With Neal’s vast experience in multifamily construction, data-driven approach, and creative ways in solving problems as well as straightforwardness helped in creating the trust. I look forward to working with Neal on future opportunities.”

— Avinash P., 2-time investor

“Hi All. Thank you for a thorough and newsy update. I am still in awe of your work efforts and completions in such a short time frame. And in these hot, hot, hot summer months no less. The report is very detailed and it makes me feel like I am there to look at it all. Thank you for your dedication to excellence and for all your conscientious efforts. It is much appreciated.”

— Lisa H.

” Neal, I’ve had tremendous response from your presentation. You are absolutely one of the most fascinating and powerful forces in the space right now Neal. A true gentleman, professional, and magician of words and ideas. And what I love is that there is no sales pitch, only knowledge-based education which leads to lucrative results. I’m truly humbled to see your process in action. Thank you for being abundant. “

— Steven Bond, Organizer, Utah IREI Summit & CEO, Fourplex Investment Group

I really appreciate all the work from you and your team on Delos to keep our capital protected. And, I am sure every investor is happy to hear about the extra return as well.”

— Melissa M.

“Thank you for taking what could have been a bad investment and making it an amazing investment. Once again you and your team have proven you put your investors first and make sure we are protected and that means a huge amount to me. So, although you made very little on the deal, you proved to me once again my $1.6M current investment in your team still is a great investment.
Thank you for the hard work and the excellent return. You guys are amazing.”

— Greg M.

I so appreciate your care for investors, combined with excellent intuition combined with hard ass negotiation skills
Happy holidays – I hope this is one thing off your plate so you can focus on other projects and have a good holiday”

— Mark C.


31 Projects in 17 Metros

Where We Have Properties And How We Select Markets

Rent Growth

The 5 year rent growth forecast is one of our key indicators. We use a powerful proprietary method to calculate this value.

Sales Trends

We continuously monitor local sales to compute cap rates and determine whether our cap rates are on target to reach our projections.



We look for metros and submarkets that are adding a significant number of high-paying jobs, resulting in a stable local economy.

Supply And Demand

We monitor the supply of local units carefully to ensure it will not spike the vacancy rates and negatively impact rents.

Would You Like Access To Our Investment Opportunities?

Giving Back To The Community

Meet Our Management Team

Neal Bawa

Neal’s Bio

Neal Bawa is a technologist who is universally known in the real estate circles as the Mad Scientist of Multifamily. Besides being one of the most in-demand speakers in commercial real estate, Neal is a data guru, a process freak, and an outsourcing expert. Neal treats his $1  billion-dollar multifamily portfolio as an ongoing experiment in efficiency and optimization.

The Mad Scientist lives by two mantras. His first mantra is that, “We can only manage what we can measure”. His second mantra is that, “Data beats gut feel by a million miles“. These mantras and a dozen other disruptive beliefs drive profit for his 900+ investors.

Anna Myers

Anna’s Bio

Karen Sielski

VP of Marketing

Tiffany Cambio

Director, Operations

Pete Levine

Director, Development & Acquisitions

Brent Yurtkuran

Director, Asset Management

Peter Majeski

Director of Investor Relations

Invest in a project like this

The Grid Student Housing [ Video ]

Take a look at our newly constructed five-story, luxury apartment complex, offering a selection of furnished and unfurnished studio, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom apartments. Construction was completed ahead of schedule during the pandemic. Our advantageous location represents connected living, a walkable community, and easy access to downtown as well as the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. Our 217 luxury modern accommodations for comfort, opportunity, and unequaled amenities, and have extremely well received. Property 97% leased and distributing 17% cash on cash distributions to happy investors.
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Coyote Creek Apartments [ Slideshow ]

After almost 3 years of hard work, it’s time to showcase a gorgeous property that we have built and leased up in St. George, UT. St. George is beloved by outdoor enthusiasts who adore the area and relish the abundance of natural parks offering trails, dunes, water-based activities, and red sandstone cliffs.

Coyote Creek nestles into the foothills and offers a breathtaking view of the Red Cliffs overlooking the entire valley floor.

The resort town of St George has experienced an explosion in home values in recent years. It’s adjacent to some of the country’s most attractive and recreational areas.

When we announced this development to our investors, St. George was one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the US. The St. George investment score of 9.9 was the highest score of any market in the 323 markets tracked by Local Market Monitor. In case you are wondering, it’s still in the Top 5 today.
Invest in a Project like this

Mill Race Apartments [Slideshow]

In 2016 and 2017, in Neal’s annual Real Estate Trends presentation, Neal named Provo, UT as our pick for City of the Year for real estate investment. 3 years later, Provo won City of the Year back to back for 2 years, in Milken Institute’s prestigious report. Station on Mill Race, our gorgeous property at the edge of downtown Provo is designed for Provo’s young, educated, tech savvy crowd. The property is next to the frontrunner train station. Check it out !!

Invest in a Project like this

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