This podcast interview of Neal Bawa is hosted by Ron Costa of the Mapable USA.


by Neal Bawa | Mapable USA

As Neal Bawa has often mentioned on the previous times he’s been a guest of the show, when people start thinking in different ways, the world changes. That’s never been more true than to see what the Coronavirus pandemic has done to the way people conduct business. Video online meetings have become commonplace and CEO’s from all sectors have been forced to learn the technologies that have now become essential. What’s interesting is many are finding out that they like it! And with that, we are seeing its impact on a variety of sectors.

Then throw in the 2020 election and you have even more uncertainty. Are we really in a “V-Shaped” recovery or is it more like a “K-Shaped” one? What does this mean for real estate investors, developers, and syndicators? And who REALLY runs the country anyway? Listen to this podcast as Mr. Bawa holds nothing back and reveals the good news and bad news that everyone should be aware of – and then you’ll understand why Neal is regarded as one of the most respected voice in the industry.