Run Numbers to Make Right Investments

by Neal Bawa | Multifamily Legacy Podcast

Do you know where or what to look for when investing in real estate? Don’t lose money by making bad investment decisions. Run numbers to make the right investments. 

Neal Bawa is the founder and CEO of Grocapitus, a commercial real estate investment company. Neal uses the power of numbers to acquire properties and create profit for investors. He’s known as the “Mad Scientist of Multifamily.”


Topics on Today’s Episode:

  • Road to Real Estate Success: Multi-million-dollar campuses to multifamily units
  • Real Focus: Real estate demographics course teaches where to invest 
  • Where to look:
    • City Data
    • Department of Numbers
    • We are Apartments
  • What to look for: 
    • Population growth (at least 20% increase)
    • Income growth (at least 30% increase)
    • Home price growth (at least 40% value increase)
    • Crime reduction (less than 500)
    • Neighborhood ratings (buy the best, avoid the worst)
  • Areas of Opportunity: Arizona, Florida, Idaho, and Utah
  • Difference in Lifestyle: Freedom to decide when and where you want to work to create peace of mind and build legacy wealth

Grocapitus Opportunity Zones

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Quotes by Neal Bawa:

“Demographics control everything in real estate.”

“Home prices go up in every city, as crime goes down. Home prices are also tied to education, and crime decreases as education increases.”

“By looking at these metrics, you understand future rent growth. This is a crystal ball.”

“I’m in love with the power of numbers to create wealth.”