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Partner, Urbanist


Houston Local Market Expert

Why Houston?

Houston, TX


Development Director, Urbanist

DELOS Stay Well Program

Dr. Deepak Chopra

Texas Medical Center

Houston, TX

INTERVIEW: Warren Johnson

Director of Architecture, Urbanist

DARWIN Home Wellness

DELOS Living

AgroSci & Urbanist

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Park Lane Houston is a collection of riverfront and park-frontage, branded, designer multifamily residences, in the heart of one of Houston’s fastest urban growth corridors. These exceptional health & wellness focused luxury apartments are only 5 minutes south-east of Houston’s vibrant EADO, midtown and city center.

The Ideal Corona-resistant Project for Investors



STRONG Neighborhood In a Hot Metro

LUXURY Modern Design With Wellness Amenities

Short-Term Project With Innovative No Debt Option*

*With our preferred exit option, we project paying back debt after construction

A Superior Tenant Experience For Our Rental Community

Park Lane’s botanical community has been created with the highest standards of design in mind, offering the same extraordinary lifestyle experience as one would find in the most sought-after exclusive international developments, but offered at an affordable price point.

Designed to be an iconic architectural “masterpiece”, Park Lane is set to become the future benchmark for boutique multifamily values, merging cutting-edge coronavirus resistant health & wellness initiatives with striking greenwall and boxwood design.

Work From Home Friendly

Spacious 2 bed 2 bath units can comfortably accommodate a SOHO “Small Office Home Office” in the second bedroom.

Delos Darwin Healthy Home

A branded Healthy Home by the #1 Health and Wellness real estate company in the world & WELL Building Standard inventor.

Stay At Home Conducive

Larger rooms, high 10′ & 16′ ceilings, facilitating more time at home. Oversized windows and a Juliet balcony for light & fresh air.

Strategic Shared Public Space

No elevators, gym, or indoor shared amenities for a Covid-conscious world. Instead, a designer pool, outdoor lounge, firepit & ‘private’ pocket parks.

WHY Did We Pick Houston?

Park Lane’s personality is characterized by the pulsating, eclectic captivation of inner-city Houston by creating a first-class community for sophisticated residents who are drawn to the city’s ambience and culture. Houston, known as the Bayou City, was recently voted “U.S. most liveable city”, and is notably the 2nd greenest city in America. Park Lane’s vision is to complement this reputation.

Houston ranks #2 in the nation in overall population growth 2010-2020, with Greater Houston’s population predicted to surpass 10 million by the year 2040. Building on this extraordinary growth rate, an investment in centrally located Park Lane should enjoy strong future demand and price growth.

If Houston were a country, it would be the world’s “26th largest economy”.

Houston ranked #1 in job growth in 2018, and is blessed with a wealth of world class and internationally recognized retail, dining and cultural pleasures.

Here are some awards and accolades that highlight why we are “hot for Houston”

#1 Fastest-Growing City In America

Bisnow, 2018

#1 U.S. Best Places To Live

24/7 wall Street, W. University Place, Sept 2019

#1 Best Market to Purchase MF Assets

Ten-X, August 2019

#1 U.S. Best Cities for Millennials

The Langston Co., April 2019

Stabilized oil prices are “set to exceed pre-Covid levels in August 2021,” which is another factor pointing to a strong outlook for Houston.

And did you know Houston was one of the least affected cities during the last recession of 2008? Its property prices were some of the most stable in the nation while many other large city real estate prices crashed. In fact, Houston has been one of America’s best long-term real estate investments over the last decade.

What’s Special About The Neighborhood?

The analysis gets even better when we look at the Gulfgate/Pine Valley neighborhood, which is near many employers positioned to do well even in a coronavirus challenged economy. 

There is a plethora of mega-employers, downtown, and universities within a 5-10 minute drive that are a perfect fit for our new boutique 56-unit offering, many with large university expansions underway, coinciding with delivery of Park Lane:


University of Houston $1 Billion expansion including new $100 Million College of Medicine & $90 Million Law Center


Texas A&M Medical Complex - new $550 Million campus at TMC

Neighborhood real estate appreciated a whopping 72.94% over the last 10 years and 144.5% since 2000. The area outperformed the notably strong Houston appreciation, a major feat.

Park Lane Houston will have mega-appeal to a wide range of renters including medical staff, patients, and families; undergrad and grad students; graduates; research fellows; teachers; university employees; professionals working downtown; service providers; etc.

Texas Medical Center $1.5B Expansion

World's largest medical center

World's largest children's hospital

World's best & largest cancer hospital (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

The expansion adds 1.5M sq. ft. of research space, a 19-story hotel & conference center with 410 rooms.

The new campus is expected to have $5.2B impact on Houston and create a projected 30K new jobs.

Texas Medical Center 3 (TMC3) broke ground in 2019 with completion expected in 2022, coinciding with delivery of Park Lane.

 With the large expansion at the world-class Texas Medical Center and its resilience during times of recession, Houston hits all the sweet spots when it comes to “Most Likely to Succeed In A Coronavirus World.” 

And with Park Lane only 4.5 miles from the expansion, it is a quick 10-minute commute by car or the dedicated ebike that comes with each unit.

University Powerhouse

The University of Houston district is among several urban areas within Houston which has experienced more than 50% appreciation in value over the last 5 years. When combined with a long history of consistently strong growth in the domestic economy, investment in Houston has become very attractive; both nationally and internationally.

University of Houston is a super short 5-minute cycle or a 4-minute drive from Park Lane.


#19 Largest University in U.S.


46,000+ students


Carnegie Tier-One ranking (top 2.5%)


#1 Entrepreneurship Program in the U.S.

Park Lane will be the closest Class-A multifamily offering to the new Medical Campus and the Energy Research & Technology Campus – approximately 0.5 miles to two of the University’s most prestigious faculties.


Park Lane pushes the boundaries of excellence in multifamily living. The sophisticated design incorporating botanical elements and designer finishes will give the project its own defined aura, with a combination of exquisite attractions, on par with some of the best residential communities in the nation.

This architectural dream has modern, optimized state-of-the-art amenities that are rarely found in even the most progressive multifamily or student housing developments. There is absolutely nothing like it in Houston.

Interior amenities include:


Fully furnished with upscale modern furniture


Large rooms with 10 & 16 ft ceilings and oversized windows


Delos healthy home system with Covid-resistant Health & Safety Certification


Washer/dryer in unit; air conditioning


Stainless steel appliances


SOHO desk space


IOTAS smart home automation


High-speed wifi

Enjoy spectacular downtown views, across acres of parkland and waterways from the upper floors’ 16-foot penthouse style units.

CORONA-RESISTANT Outdoor Amenities

Park Lane’s pioneering design proudly incorporates an array of customized, highly desirable outdoor features which will distinguish it from its competitors and be the envy of its neighbors.


Designer pool and outdoor relaxation sundeck


Outdoor summer kitchen & bar


Lounge seating, deco swing, and trellised cabanas


Recessed firepit


Botanic design with vertical gardens, pocket parks and green wall boxwoods


Private dog park


Electric bikes & EV charging stations

All outdoor areas are designed and durably constructed for low cost and maintenance. Each unit comes with a dedicated eBike, giving residents a convenient transportation option.

Adjacent to the property is a beautiful 13-acre park, providing outdoor recreation options.

Innovative Investor-Friendly Exit Options

What really makes this investment opportunity shine and puts it in a league of its own is the flexibility we have with exit options due to the creative structure of the Grocapitus 2.0 investor-friendly product offering being used for this project.

Unlike our past syndications, we have 3 different exit options available to us that we will explain in the investor presentation.

In our default option, we exit the project after 3 years, and we have a creative approach that allows us to hold & operate the asset debt-free, giving us equity level returns and higher net cash flow without any debt risk.

Our alternative exit strategies provide us flexibility depending on whether the recovery is going better than we expect, or if it is taking longer than we currently anticipate.

We can’t wait to show you each exit strategy in the investor presentation! 


At Grocapitus, we saw wellness trends in real estate a while ago, long before COVID-19 pushed them into the international spotlight. That’s why we jumped at the chance to create a Delos Darwin-driven boutique multifamily community. Delos invented the WELL Building Standard.

The system intuitively responds to the conditions in your home, purifying your air and water, and providing dynamic lighting designed to restore your body’s natural rhythms.

Our team realized immediately the potential for Park Lane to attract (and keep) high-quality, upper-income tenants, both students, and professionals by incorporating a state-of-the-art home wellness system in a pandemic challenged world.

Plus, wellness-branded homes sell for 5-35% more, while wellness rentals command a 7-10% rent premium! 


Set beautifully on 13 acres of parkland and miles of direct water-frontage, with walking and bike paths, Park Lane offers its residents true serenity and connection to the surrounding landscape, while keeping them closely in touch with the big city. It is also 0.1 mile from iconic Smither Park and 1 mile from 83-acre MacGregor Park with 15 tennis courts and a large swimming pool.

Immediately adjacent to the property is the highly rated Fonde Park, known for it’s safety and cleanliness. With a playground for children, a track for exercise, a dog park, ample tables and benches, and convenient parking, the park has something for everyone!

50%+ of U.S. individuals consider access to nearby green spaces an important attribute when looking for properties.

And, Knight Frank global research revealed that park-view properties command an average 34% price premium!

Within a 10 mile radius, outdoor activites are plentiful:


14 parks


11 golf courses


3 hiking trails


2 dog parks

Follow the winding walking paths or the natural banks of the bayou waterfront, take a bike ride along dedicated, undulating bike paths and surrounding park lands, or even canoe along the scenic Brays Bayou to Herman Park and the Texas Medical Center.

Immerse yourself in the feeling you are in a beautiful secret garden, let the serenity of the picturesque surroundings fulfill your sense of place and well being.

Introducing Our Innovative Development And Management Teams

Neal Bawa

Anna Myers

Jonathan Bursey

Luke Marvel

✉ Email us at [email protected]

How Grocapitus Selects Markets

Rent Growth

The 5 year rent growth forecast is one of our key indicators. We use a powerful proprietary method to calculate this value.

Sales Trends

We continuously monitor local sales to compute cap rates and determine whether our cap rates are on target to reach our projections.


We look for metros and submarkets that are adding a significant number of high-paying jobs, resulting in a stable local economy.

Supply And Demand

We monitor the supply of local units carefully to ensure it will not spike the vacancy rates and negatively impact rents.

Grocapitus Syndication Benefits



Leverage our vast experience, financial sponsorship strength, and capital aggregation to invest in otherwise unobtainable, commercial real estate with high returns.


Tax-Advantaged INVESTING

Enjoy the potential for tax advantages such as depreciation, accelerated depreciation/cost segregation, passive income tax treatment, IRA investing, and death tax benefit.


Principal Reduction

Through the life cycle of the syndication, rental income from the property pays down debt service. Upon the sale of the property principal reductions will be returned to investors.


Recession Resistant

Regardless of the economy, people still need a place to live. Rental properties have done historically well in past recessions.


Transparent Investor Updates

We keep you updated and informed with detailed monthly investor updates and quarterly investor webinars for each syndication!

“Thank you for a thorough and newsy update. I am still in awe of your work efforts and completions in such a short time frame.

The report is very detailed and it makes me feel like I am there to look at it all.

Thank you for your dedication to excellence and for all your conscientious efforts. It is much appreciated.”


Lisa H., Equinox on Prince Investor


“I have invested in a couple of opportunities with Grocapitus. One of them is a multifamily property, which has been performing superbly, and way better than the initial predictions. The 2nd one is a new construction project, which is on-time, even during the pandemic. The marketing material that the team has put together to lease these new units is top-notch. Awesome job by Neal and his team in managing the properties & consistent communication with their investors. “


Avinash P., 2-time investor


“Challenging times take a dedicated group to plan and execute to meet investment objectives. The site and asset management teams at Grocapitus have worked hard to maintain occupancy, keep tenants safe, and delinquency low. Collectively, they have effectively managed expenses and incrementally increased rents to exceed NOI budget expectations.”


Rob D.



Projected IRR


Projected Equity Multiple


Projected AAR




(Preferred exit)

This material does not constitute an offer or a solicitation to purchase securities. An offer can only be made by the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).The PPM and its exhibits contain complete information about the Property and the investment opportunity. The information contained herein is not a substitute for an investor’s complete review of all of the information attached to the PPM as part of their own due diligence regarding this investment opportunity and its suitability for their investment portfolio.


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