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Ideal Value-Add Multifamily

This marvelous opportunity has below market rents and efficiency opportunities, exactly what we look for in a value-add project! The expected hold is 5 years with a minimum investment of $75,000. The investment is open to 1031 exchanges and self-directed IRA’s.


We have fallen in love with this extremely high ranking metro that has oodles of accolades and is located in a fantastic sun-belt market. What we love even more is the micro neighborhood which is adjacent to affluent neighborhoods and top-notch schools.


our secret sauce for Optimizing NOI

This property is a perfect fit for our proven process to rebrand and reposition from a Class B- to a Class B+, improve operations with our world class efficiency center, and hit an out of the park home run for our investors. 

Value-Add Magic

With it being increasingly difficult to find true value-add opportunities, we are extremely excited to share the details of this value-add multifamily investment. The fact that we have uncovered a hidden gem in an amazing metro that is projected to return 8.5% average cash flow with an equity multiple of 1.9X is quite a feat.

Let’s start with the rents, which are ~$250 below market based on comps in the area. This gives us plenty of room to add value simply by increasing rental income. Plus, with our strategic rebranding and rehab efforts, we plan to increase rents even more!

Occupancy is currently low at  92.3%. But, with our acclaimed mega marketing and leasing techniques, we expect to see drastic occupancy improvements very quickly.

The long term owner has maintained the property well, and in the past 4 years $3 million in upgrades have been completed, so much of the heavy lifting has already been done for us.

Metro Magic

Let’s start with the many accolades for the Atlanta metro, including: 

#1 Best State For Doing Business

#1 Best Economic Growth Potential

#1 Best Destination To Move To

#1 Best Cities For Startups

#3 Tech Talent Pool

#4 Largest Increase In Population

Atlanta is one of our favorite metros due to it’s strong and consistent growth. In fact, we love it so much we have 3 other multifamily assets in the greater metro.  We see absolutely no signs of Atlanta slowing down.

When we drill down into the Weatherly Walk micro neighborhood, we find some crazy good stats. Jobs growth was 3.41% last year! The median household income is $49,900 and for the general area it is $71,000 which is phenomenal.  

Here’s where it gets astounding. The school district is a 10 out of 10 in the state of GA, and 9 out of 10 for the US!

Last but certainly not least, the submarket is expected to experience rent growth of 17% in the next 5 years which is fantastic for our investors.

Income Magic

We are committed to investor success, risk reduction, and achievable profits. By applying our world class efficiency center systems, processes and resources we are able to optimize net operating income (NOI) to a level that is revered in the industry. The efficiency center is our secret sauce that turbocharges our properties to max out  NOI and increase profits.

Seeking the best of the best, our property management company has over 28 years of local market knowledge and experience and manages over 5,000 units across 6 states. They are best in-class in acquisitions, asset management, property management and construction management.

Their “results oriented” approach to leasing and management is a perfect fit for our efficiency center optimizations and will allow us to significantly increase the asset’s overall return on investment for a relatively small cost.

Meet Our Stellar Management Team

The hallmark of all our projects is the great care we take in thoroughly vetting development and management teams. Weatherly Walk is a prime example of management excellence. It is led by an outstanding management team with a stellar multifamily track record owning/managing over 3,000 units with a combined portfolio value over $300 million. The management team has worked very effectively together on another syndication and has skills, tools, and drive needed to make this a lucrative investment.

Neal Bawa

Anna Myers

Omar Khan, CFA
Boardwalk Wealth

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Grocapitus Syndication Benefits



Leverage our vast experience, financial sponsorship strength, and capital aggregation to invest in otherwise unobtainable, high-value apartments with high returns.


Tax-Advantaged INVESTING

Enjoy the potential for tax advantages such as depreciation, accelerated depreciation/cost segregation, passive income tax treatment, IRA investing, and death tax benefit.


Cash Distributions

Weatherly Walk is projected to produce positive cash-flow starting in year 1, making it a great investment for cash flow investors.


Capital Appreciation

Increased property value through physical and operational improvements that increase the value of the property by increasing Net Operating Income (NOI).


Principal Reduction

Through the life cycle of the syndication, rental income from the property pays down debt service. Upon the sale of the property principal reductions will be returned to investors.


Recession Resistant

Regardless of the economy, people still need a place to live. More affordable Class B and C rental properties have done historically well in past recessions.


Projected IRR



Projected Equity Multiple


Projected Avg Cash-on-Cash


Projected Avg Annual Return