This podcast guesting of Neal Bawa is hosted by Taylor Loth of the Passive Wealth Strategy Show podcast.

The Most Important Coming Change In Real Estate Nobody Is Talking About

by Neal Bawa | Passive Wealth Strategy

[00:01 – 07:05] Opening Segment

  • Neal introduces climate change and its effect on real estate 
    • “People don’t even know where to start.” 

[07:06 – 18:28] The Most Important Coming Change in Real Estate Nobody is Talking About

  • Real Estate is the No. 1 Victim of Climate Change 
  • Why You Should Worry About Climate Change 
  • Climate Change is Bullshit and its Impact
  • Four Twenty Seven
    • Looking in the future of real estate and climate change 
  • Neal compares the speed of change in COVID-19 and climate change
    • No one is paying attention!
  • Six Steps Model of Property Risks

[18:29 – 37:44] Taking Action and Moving Forward with Climate Change

  • Climate Change Denial Podcast
  • Today’s data points to the future
  • Extrapolating to the Future
    • Companies are taking actions on climate change
  • Climate change and the reality of real estate
  • Everybody is making a move, insurance companies included
  • Neal talks about city downgrades
  • Climate change is bigger than the coronavirus

    “No other industry in the world is going to be impacted by climate change as much as real estate.” – Neal Bawa

    “Everyone who has a trillion bucks cares.” – Neal Bawa

    “Climate change may not be real but those property tax increases are real.” –Neal Bawa