This podcast interview of Neal Bawa is hosted by Jennifer Medlock Falloon of Vorsa Investments

Why Now Is Such a Great Time to Invest!

by Neal Bawa | Vorsa Investments


Casata Micro Homes | San Marcos, TX

210 Units: Brand New Modular Tech-Enabled Micro Home Rental Community

• Quick cash flow due to modular construction
• Tax-advantaged cash flow and appreciation
• Our metro, Austin, is experiencing hyper-growth


Equinox Townhomes New Braunfels - Class A Build to Rent Triplexes and Fourplexes

  • Tax-advantaged passive income
  • Hassle-free property management
  • Cash flow in one of the fastest growing suburbs
Thank you to Neal Bawa for speaking on why now is such a great time to invest! Check out these awesome nuggets the great Neal Bawa had to drop!

Grocapitus Opportunity Zones

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Get Answers to this questions:

  • What’s going on in the investment world?
  • How this pandemic relates to us?How do we pivot?
  • How do we talk to our Investors?
  • How do we encourage them to lend in a scary times like this?
  • And much more…

In the middle of this pandemic when people are losing money in the stock market and they’re concern about the fact that real estate could be liquid because renters are not paying rent, Why did Neal had lots of investors show up for a webinar that he is doing for a New Construction Project? New construction is usually considered more risky than value add. Find the answer now.