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Avg Annual Returns


Equity Multiple


Minimum Investment

18 months

Project Duration


Incredible Risk-Adjusted Returns

There is only equity, no debt, which lowers risk, yet returns are still way above average so investors have the best of both worlds! Plus, this makes it a perfect fit for self-directed retirement accounts.

Desirable "We Live, We Work" Concept

The project is based on the “We Live, We Work” concept, in an up and coming, highly desirable market ranked #2 by Milken for Best Performing City in 2019 and #2 for Best Place To Live.

Innovative Full Stack Development

Our ingenious JIT (just in time) construction approach allows us to build faster and benefit from phased high speed construction.  Our brilliant development team thrives on innovation and efficiency.

Unique Project Structure

We threw all the traditional rules out the window for this project, creating a structure that is absolutely phenomenal for our investors.

This groundbreaking project does not use a SINGLE DOLLAR of debt or loans. Zero. Nada. Zilch! The investors and sponsors own 100% of this project!

Now as an investor, you are probably thinking that surely the returns are going to be substantially lower than a traditional debt-based project. With average annual projected returns of 24.3%, that is definitely not the case.  You get to have your cake and eat it too with this project.

Why risk the wild fluctuations of the stock market, which is long overdue for a large correction (aka bear market), when you can get projected returns like this!


Highly Desirable "We Live, We Work" Living Concept In Highly Ranked Metro

The initial project consists of 46 contemporary townhomes in a forward thinking development where telecommuters can thrive in a modern living environment amid a lush tree-laden setting. The area is known as the “Silicon Valley of Biotech”, and is commonly called “RTP” or Research Triangle Park, the largest research park in the country. RTP just made Startup Genome’s top 10 list for emerging startup ecosystems in the entire world!

The project is equipped with coworking space, a clubhouse with a communal kitchen, a fitness center, green terrace with community garden, yoga room, community coffee house, and walking trails to create a truly unique work/live community that is attractive to high end work forces.

The integrated co-working facilities enhance a collaborative atmosphere to facilitate a modern telecommuting work-lifestyle and other work-from-home careers for residents.

Raleigh-Durham garnishes many accolades, including: 

#2 Best Performing City in 2018 by Milken

#2 Best Place To Live by Livability

#3 Most Access To Quality Health Care

#4 Best Cities For Job Seekers By CBS News

Innovative Full Stack Development

Seeking the best of the best, we partnered with a vertically-integrated company that is committed to investor success, risk reduction, and achievable profits.

A consistent track record and stellar relationships with large material suppliers allows us to take advantage of 20-25% business lines of credit at competitive rates, giving us great purchasing power and interest-free lines of credit.

Our vertically integrated model allows us to control most of the value-chain, from negotiating the site acquisitions, managing construction and material costs, to minimizing sales commission fees.

Our innovative JIT (just-in-time) construction techniques allow us to build faster and benefit from phased high speed construction.  

Experienced Full Stack Development Team

The hallmark of all our projects is the great care we take in thoroughly vetting development and management teams. The Nova RTP project is led by a bright, innovative full-stack construction development team with a stellar track record and the skills, tools, and drive needed to make this project successful.



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Average Annual Return


Equity Multiple

Minimum Investment
(Accredited investors)


18 months

Project Duration

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