The 5 Perils of Opportunity Zones That All Investors Must Know, And How To Avoid Them

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Discover the Dangers of Opportunity Zone Funds, and How You Can Mitigate Your Investment Risk

Many people seeking decent returns on their investments and/or a buffer against capital gains taxes stand to benefit from Opportunity Zone investments. They are unique vehicles with numerous upsides, but there are important risks investors need to understand.

Here are just a few of the dangers of Opportunity Zones we discovered during our research:

Why traditional developers may not be a good fit for Opportunity Zone projects (and what questions to ask them to find out)
The big challenge that may cause many Opportunity Zone projects to ultimately fail or under perform (and how to mitigate this risk)
The proliferation of “zombie” projects, and why you want to avoid them at all costs
What is likely to delay many projects, with the potential for them to run out of money (and the easy way to avoid this risk)

“While there is a lot of positive buzz being generated by Opportunity Zones, there hasn’t been enough said at all about the potential risks faced by investors.”

– Neal Bawa, CEO, Grocapitus Investments

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