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I have worked with Neal and his team at Grocapitus for four years, and I have the perspective of being a passive partner in his deals which have come full circle to completion. I also have the perspective of being a general partner in my own deals as well as a passive partner in deals with other syndicators.

Neal’s datacentric approach gives him a near oracle like insight into the vagaries of not just commercial real estate, but also macroeconomic trends as they impact microeconomic zones and industries.His ethics are beyond reproach and his interests are clearly aligned with his passive partners.


Dr. Gurpreet P.


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Projected AAR

Acquired in September 2020, our first property in Greenville, SC was a 120 unit property in a stable growth area with cumulative effective rent growth of 15.9% (3.2% annually) and an average occupancy of approximately 95%. The project performed above projections. We boosted profit through unit turns, some property improvements and by pushing consistent rent increases. Sold in May 2020 with 60% IRR returns.

Grocapitus is not just your average passive real estate syndication. It’s a dynamic powerhouse of real estate investments with outperforming returns. I have partnered in 6 projects with Grocapitus and have already exited on one of them (Greenfill Storage) with 2.16x equity multiple in less then three years.

Neal’s laser sharp focus on industry trends, macro and micro economic indicators combined with data centric research is at the core of such performance. Neal and Anna actively manage every project with a unique and innovative approach to enhance and extract highest value for their investors.


Munaf K.


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Located in Dalton GA, Park Canyon is a 151 unit stabilized Class B multifamily in the high growth corridor between Chattanooga and Atlanta. Acquired in November 2018, the property overperformed continuously with occupancy near 100%, and collections at 100% throughout the pandemic. 29 additional units were built on the site, and they quickly leased up. Issuing distributions since inception, this property was sold in 2022 with class leading returns.

Neal does wonders with investor money. The ROI with Neal beats all my projects with other firms.

Neal is a disruption force in his field, he has everything down to a science. He fuses the best practice of both technology and business, into his workflow. And he always seeks the truth. If you are with Neal, you are on the fastest train!

Jennifer F.


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Our first self-storage project, Storage Depot is a 718 unit value-add storage facility with adjacent land for expansion. We have rebranded and repositioned it as a green facility by adding two solar arrays to power the entire complex, more climatized storage units, and RV parking. Construction has started and will finish by Spring 2022. Issuing distributions, & is on sale, we expect extremely high returns . Fully subscribed.
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I was an investor in Neal and Anna’s Equinox at Knight Atlanta apartment project and couldn’t be happier with the results.

Not only did Grocapitus navigate us through the Covid pandemic and the unprecedented rise in interest rates, they exceeded expectations by doubling my investment within four years.  They were also able to offer a 1031 exchange option at the end of the investment.

I’ve always been impressed with Neal’s knowledge of the market, and now I’m even more impressed with his team’s on-time communications and thorough explanations of the financials and strategies being employed. I will definitely invest with the Grocapitus team again.


Brian H.

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