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Smart Scaling with Virtual Assistants During an Economic Crisis

by Neal Bawa | REady2Scale Podcast

This podcast interview of Neal Bawa is hosted by Ellie Perlman of REady2Scale Podcast


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How often do you walk away from a conversation and simply think, “Wow, that guy is incredibly smart!” Join us today, with our guest Neal Bawa, for this exact experience. Having a plethora of advanced business knowledge, real estate investing insight, and a passion for data driven decision making, Neal will literally make you smarter than you are in just 30 minutes!

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Listen along to an excellent conversation on how to hire and manage virtual assistants in a strategic, profit driven manner that can allow your business to scale and thrive, even in the midst of an economic crisis.

Asset: Neal specializes in multiple assets including traditional multifamily, student housing, and more.

Process: How do you hire and manage virtual assistants? Neal gives in depth advice on how this is best accomplished, as well as critical keys to managing the team for excellence and profitability. Learn how to get real and consistent result from your virtual team by improving and perfecting your own leadership.

Strategy: Why use virtual assistants? Neal explains how this strategy is not a replacement for staff, but a strategic and highly intentional compliment to your business team. Learn how to scale your business to greater heights, quickly, by incorporating this smart and effective strategy.